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Health and Safety Notices


If you're looking for H1N1 (Swine Flu) information, please click here!


Emergency Management Plan

The Elmira Heights Central School District has established an Emergency Management Plan to handle emergency situations in and around our schools.

In addition to the published plan, we conduct an annual emergency drill according to the regulations of the Commissioner of Education. This drill usually takes the form of an early dismissal.

Copies of the Emergency Management Plan are available for your review in the District Office or in the school offices. Please call to make an appointment if you wish to review the plan.


Asbestos reinspection notice

In accordance with the regulations of the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA), the district has had our buildings reinspected by a New York State-certified asbestos inspector to determine whether any of the asbestos-containing building materials in our facilities have deteriorated or been damaged. Asbestos-containing materials have been found to be in good condition and are being monitored and maintained in place.

You may recall that over the past few years the District has removed asbestos-containing materials as part of the capital improvement program. Such removals have reduced the amount of material on our inventory that needs periodic inspection and monitoring.

Questions regarding the District Asbestos Manage-ment Plan may be address to Mary Beth Fiore at 734-7114.


Fire and annual structural inspections

Annual fire and structural inspections have been performed in the buildings of the Elmira Heights Central School District in accordance with the requirements of the state. The buildings have been declared to be in good and safe condition.

To review copies of the reports, contact the District Office at 734-7114.

Alcoholic beverages

Please be advised that the Elmira Heights Central School District alcohol policy is a "Zero Tolerance Policy." Items that contain any prohibited substance, regardless of the percentage stated, shall violate this policy. For example, all beverages that contain any alcohol shall be deemed to be an alcoholic beverage including, but not limited to, mouthwash, cough medicines and nonalcoholic beers. If there is any question regarding a particular item, request a determination by the principal prior to consumption or bringing to school.


Smoking is prohibited on school grounds at all times

Smoking is not allowed on school grounds or in the buildings of the Elmira Heights Central School District.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, contact Superintendent Mary Beth Fiore in the District Office.


New York State School Pesticide Notification Law

NYS Education Law Section 409A requires that the school district establish a pesticide notification program that ensures that employees and parents are notified prior to the application of pesticides.

The district does occasionally use pesticides within the facilities or on school grounds during the course of normal operations. We attempt to manage pests utilizing the least toxic approach. Applications inside the buildings are always minimal and are specific to the pest.

Exterior pesticide applications are generally limited to spraying aerosols on stinging insects. We do apply weed killers to the interscholastic sports playing fields on occasion.

Under the new law, the district must maintain a list of staff and parents who wish to receive 48 hours advance notice when pesticides will be applied. To receive advance notice of pesticide applications, please submit the attached letter to Mary Beth Fiore.

Once on the list you will receive a notice 48 hours prior to any pesticide application to which the law applies.

In addition, the district will send out a general notice at least four times per year that identifies the dates, locations and materials applied since the last notice.

Questions about the district pesticide program, integrated pest management program, or pesticide notification program can be addressed to Mary Beth Fiore, 734-7114.



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