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Welcome to Cohen Middle School


A Message from Our Principal:


Dear Cohen Middle School Family,


Welcome back! We are eagerly waiting for your return to school on September 6, 2017. We hope you enjoyed your summer by relaxing and doing activities with your family and friends. Our staff at Cohen Middle School is dedicated to the educational, social/emotional, and physical growth of our students in sixth, seventh and eighth grades.

Through utilization of the common core curriculum, our classrooms focus on student centered learning, and have a rigorous curriculum, which is relevant to our students present and future lives. We ask that each child always try their best to grow from their current levels. In an effort to grow to their full potential, we work with students to persevere through difficult tasks and learn to reach out for support when needed, which are two traits of highly effective people.

A child's social and emotional skill development is as important as academic skills to ensure success in the real world. At CMS we foster a caring and supportive school environment for children to feel accepted and safe. Throughout the year staff will involve students in activities and lessons to support and develop their social skills such as manners, hygiene, listening, how to behave in school settings, health (nutrition/exercise), organization, being considerate, being respectful, sharing, appropriate words and appropriate touch).

Our school community believes in creating and sustaining an environment that is built on positive relationships and trust. In fostering the culture we strive for, we focus on the Spartan Way and a PBIS (positive behavior interventions and supports) system. The Spartan Way include the character traits of: respect, responsibility, trustworthiness and citizenship. Our PBIS system recognizes students who follow the Spartan Way through incentives and recognitions such as Spartan points, The Agora, Spartan Club, civic honor roll, themed parties, etc. When students struggle in following the Spartan Way, we provide additional teaching related specifically to the character trait in question, create a plan and practice replacement behaviors.

Being involved at CMS is a major part of your middle school experience. We have opportunities for all students to participate in activities that are aligned to their interests. Such activities include athletic teams (football, volleyball, tennis, bowling, cheerleading, golf, basketball, cross country and track), CMS talent show, dances, ski club, yearbook club, student council, Builders Club, art club, robotics club and Heights Heroes (Youth Bureau). If there are other ideas you would like to see at CMS, we would love to hear from you.

Although college may seem far away, in reality it is in the near future for middle school students. The middle school years will involve your first real world experience in designing your plans for high school and beyond. At CMS, students will visit colleges, attend career days, connect with local businesses, and complete career and interest inventories as a foundation to the process of planning for your future.

Parent involvement is a key component to student success. We want parents involved in our school community and their child’s academic career. We value your input and want us to have open lines of communication to best support your child in school. Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions, suggestions and/or concerns. We believe the 2017-2018 school year will be OUTSTANDING!




Dawn Hanrahan
Middle School Principal/Director of Special Education
Office: (607) 734-5078
Mobile: (607)425-1514


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