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District Information



In accordance with New York Education Law Section 3012-c(10), parents and legal guardians may request the final quality rating and composite effectiveness score for each of the teachers and for the principal of the school building in which your student(s) is assigned for the current school year. The district will also provide you with an explanation of the composite effectiveness scoring ranges for final quality ratings, and an opportunity to understand such scores in the context of teacher evaluation and student performance. Please contact your building Principal to obtain this information.


Equal opportunities

Each individual should be given the opportunity to develop and achieve knowledge, skills and values to the maximum extent possible. Therefore, the district will foster a learner-centered environment that provides equal educational opportunities for all students.

Educational programs and services will be designed to meet the varying needs of all students and will not discriminate against any individual for reasons of race, creed, color, gender, national origin, economic status or handicap.


District Foster Care Point of Contact

Dawn Hanrahan
Email -
Phone – 607-734-5078


Parent involvement

The board recognizes parents/guardians as valued partners in the education of our children. The quality of education is greatly enhanced when parents stay informed of their students' academic achievement and social growth, place a high priority on school work and attendance, provide a variety of learning experiences, participate on school committees, attend school activities and inform the school regarding student needs and accomplishments.

The board encourages staff members to promote parental involvement by making efforts to welcome, include, inform and listen to parents.


Attendance standards affect after-school participation

Regular attendance in school is vital for the educational progress of each student. Frequent absences make success in school more difficult to achieve. Arriving on time, and meeting obligations throughout the day, will directly affect the ability of students to participate in after-school activities.

 In order for students to attend a school sponsored function, the student must be signed in to the office no later that ten (10) minutes after the beginning of first period on the day of the activity. The principal may grant permission for a student absence under special circumstances as defined by state Education Law: illness or death in the family, required court appearance, attendance at health clinics, approved college visits, approved cooperative work programs, military obligations, remedial or medical health treatment or approved academic experiences. Tardiness to school for personal illness for part of the school day will render a student ineligible that day. (Board Policy 7410)

It is our belief that these expectations will provide incentive for students to meet their educational obligations. Academics is our primary focus and extra-curricular participation is viewed as a privilege for those students that meet their day-to-day obligations in the classroom. Students need to be committed to their current job, which is to obtain an education.This practice will also help to develop good work habits in our youth including timeliness and good attendance, which will serve them well as they enter the world of work.


Community use of school facilities

The Board of Education supports and encourages the public use of school buildings and grounds consistent with the state and federal law for adult education, discussion, religious, civic, social, recreation, entertainment and other such purposes that promote the welfare of the community. This includes use for registration and polling places for voters.

Applications for facility use should be directed to individual school building principals.



You are eligible to vote in a school district election if:

  • You are a U.S. citizen.
  • You are at least 18 years of age.
  • You have been a resident of the district for 30 days preceding the vote.
  • You are registered with the Chemung County Board of Elections.


Property tax bills

The Property tax bills are mailed by August 31st each year. Collection without penalty will be during the month of September. Payments will be accepted during the month of October with a 3% penalty added.

The actual tax rates in each town vary due to the town's equalization rates and any revaluations that have occurred. The equalization rate is set by NYS Office of Real Property Services. If you have questions about the equalization rate and how it affects your tax bill you should contact your town's assessor.


Kindergarten registration

Any resident child who will be five years of age on or before December 1 is eligible for kindergarten. Documented proof of the child's date of birth must be presented at the time of kindergarten registration. Students new to the district may register at Cohen School.


School closings

The primary consideration in a school closing is the safety of the students. Factors relevant to safety include icy roads, reduced visibility, drifting snow, chill factor, flooding, high wind and mechanical or health hazards at the school.

In the event that school is closed or that there is a delayed opening because of an emergency, please listen to local radio and TV stations for information.


Delayed arrival plan

   The District has a plan to delay the beginning of school by two hours when weather conditions warrant. The two-hour delay is to go into effect when it appears that inclement weather will pass quickly, giving way to weather which will allow staff and students to get to school safely.

When a two-hour delay is called, the buildings will open and all staff and students will be expected to arrive two hours later than normal for their building.

Transportation routes will run two hours later than normal and student pick-up will be two hours later than normal.

In the event of a two-hour delay, students may NOT be delivered by parents or guardians to school until 2 hours later than they normally would have arrived.

If a two-hour delay is called, the following will occur:

  • The delay will be announced on the radio and tv by 7 a.m.
  • Breakfast will not be served at Cohen (lunch will be as normal).
  • Morning BOCES classes will be canceled for TAE students
  • The school day will end at the normal time at each school. Transportation home will be at normal times.


Please feel free to contact the Bus Garage at 739-1358 with questions.


Student Records/Directory Information

The district shall comply with all provisions of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, as amended by NCLB, the National Defense Authorization Act, Military Recruiters Access to secondary school student information and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974. Directory information, which is information that is generally not considered harmful or an invasion of privacy if released, can also be disclosed to outside agencies in accordance with these current laws. If you do not want information to be provided without your written consent, you must notify your respective building office, in writing, by September 30 of each year. In addition, Board policies outlining parental rights, including opt-out provisions, are available upon request.


Transportation information manual

The district has published a transportation information manual for parents and students.

These manuals are mailed to each family with a student in our schools. The purpose of the manual is to ensure that the policies and guidelines of the district transportation operation are known to all of our students and parents.

If you do not receive a manual, please contact the district office and one will be mailed to you. If you have any questions about the district transportation operations, please call the Transportaion Director at the bus garage. Download the manual here.


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